Thursday, May 22, 2008

What's up with the trucks?

That is what our neighbors keep asking. Why? Well, it all started Wednesday morning...
At 7:30am I was walking out the door to finally get my IL drivers license at the DMV when Dane yelled up, "Our basement is flooding!!!"
The standing water was over our ankles!
Zachary was delighted with the new splash park in his basement
So, how does one fix a problem like this? I will tell you.
Step 1: pump the water outside Step 2: if the plumber digs 100 feet out from your house and is unable to unclog your sewer pipes (because they are filled with tree roots!)...

Step 3: call in THE DIGGER

What a lovely hole the digger can make Step 4: send in "the team"
(they do not pay these guys enough!)

Step 5: cut the pipe with a really big saw and then...
...break it apart with a hammer
Zachary LOVES the digger
Step 6: install sewer cleanout
Step 7: wait for the inspector to approve the job

Step 8: fill in the hole

So now we have a lovely dirt pile in our front yard. We are waiting for the next big rain to help the dirt settle back into the ground. In the meantime we are watering our dirt pile to help out the process. It all seems a bit strange.


Sarah said...

Oh my. Hope your most recent guests didn't cause that problem!!!

Nikki said...

Oh wow... I see a lot has happened since we've been gone on vacation. :)

ErinOrtlund said...

How stressful! I'm sure it was fascinating to Zachary though! I assume your landlord paid for all that labor?