Saturday, May 24, 2008

Master Garagesaler...well, self-proclaimed anyway

I'm so proud of my finds today. Keep in mind that I only spent $1.00! Here's what I got:

2 in 1 Walker

This is the one toy that I would recommend to any mom! We borrowed this from a friend in St. Louis as we did with pretty much everything because we thought this next season of life would find us overseas. We are so grateful that God led us to Wheaton instead! However, we had to return this toy when we moved away and I've been debating on whether to buy one. I probably would have paid up to $20 for this toy. Here's the best part...

I got it for FREE on the side of the road and it works perfectly!
A Dr. Seuss book
Disney's Dumbo video
Little Princess video (with Shirley Temple)
This was a sentimental purchase for if God blesses us with a little girl one day.
And I'm most proud of this find:
Terry Toots book

Zachary already LOVES it! He is all boy!!

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krista said...

hilarious! Can't wait to read it to him!