Saturday, September 22, 2007

A Trip Back to Libertyville

Today we took an impromptu trip up to Libertyville (just under an hour from Wheaton), Dane's hometown of 9 years. His family moved there from Eugene, Oregon when he was entering the 5th grade. We had a blast as Dane took me around town sharing his favorite memories with me.

Their old home

The Dairy Queen just steps away from their front door

(no, we didn't stop regardless of my past history with DQ)

The E-Free church they used to walk to on Sunday mornings

Highland Middle School

Libertyville High School

Dairy Dream - Dane's 1st job

Scooter's - Dane's 2nd job

(Dane says that Bears and Bulls players would sometimes eat here!)

We stopped by Lake Bluff where Dane could often be found fishing back in the day

(In fact, he caught his largest bass here which he has mounted somewhere.)

Mommy and Zachary on the bridge overlooking Butler Lake

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ErinOrtlund said...

Eric took me to Libertyville while we were dating. Brings back good memories! It's always fun to show each other things from our childhood. I also loved seeing Banchory!