Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A Monumental Day

This morning while I was at Bible Study, Dane watched Zachary for me. This was an exception to the norm and wouldn't you know it, while I was gone for those few hours...

Zachary started WALKING!!!

Here's a few steps for you!

Also, my friend Christy had her baby today!!

Caitlyn Hope

Isn't she precious! I can't wait to go visit her soon!!


ErinOrtlund said...

Wow! Go Zachary! While I'm sure you were sorry to miss it, how fun that Dane got to see his first steps. I'm sure you've been the first to see most of his other milestones. Now Z is really a toddler!!! :)

danielle said...

yeah zachary! way to go! you beat eva on walking by about 4 months!!! wish i could see you in person. caitlyn is so cute too, thanks for posting a pic of her! miss you all!

Ortlund Family said...

Hooray for our future defensive back!