Friday, April 6, 2007

To Wheaton We Go

It's official!! We've decided to go to Wheaton for Dane's next (and last!) degree. He'll be doing a PhD in New Testament. As you can see, Zachary is super excited and ready to go!

This was a very difficult decision. We were expecting to going overseas and had begun giving away our possessions when we received news that Dane had been accepted to Wheaton's program about a week ago. We had set Wednesday as our ultimatum for making a decision, and we were going to call and accept at Wheaton that day despite having a few other tempting options. But we received a remarkable confirmation that very morning that we were making the right decision, which was just the affirmation we needed.

Right now we are quite puzzled at the Lord’s kindness, which is really getting out of hand, having now stretched to even greater depths of undeserved blessing. Thank you to those of you who prayed us through this difficult decision. Doubtless that is the reason for the settled peace we both feel that God is leading in this.


gavin said...

So tell us more about how the Lord led you to this wonderful conclusion.


Dane Ortlund said...

We decided, from what we could ascertain, that Wheaton would be a more thorough, broad education; would better facilitate discharging our particular goals in life; would be better for us as a family; and would be cheaper. So educationally, vocationally, relationally, and financially it seemed better. The first 2 were the big ones, the latter 2 consolidating.

The main hesitancy for us was missing the cross-cultural experience, but I've spoken w/ Moo about spending a semester at Tyndale House, which greatly eases my mind on that score. Also, we found out the day I was going to call and accept that we had not received the doctoral fellowship I applied for at Durham, which was confirmatory.


Jen's Blog said...

Congratulations!! That's great news.

ErinOrtlund said...

Hey guys:

Our friends the Michelsons have been at Princeton where Dave is doing his PhD. But they spent a year at Oxford, which was a cool experience for them. Sounds like that might be the same for you--is Tyndale House at Cambridge?

Dane Ortlund said...

Yes, Cambridge.

Sarah said...

Hey Ortlunds, Exciting about Wheaton! We're in Montgomery. Just saw your posting on our blog. Email me if you get a chance to!
-Sarah Illman