Wednesday, March 28, 2007

A Day's Glimpse

Zachary has begun rolling around in his crib. When placed in his crib he immediately flips to his tummy. He was even doing this while swaddled and a heavy blanket on top! So while he is trying to learn how to sleep with this new freedom to move around Zachary has been exploring every inch of his crib. It keeps me guessing where I'll find him next.

Honestly, Mommy doesn't put me in the crib like this!
Zachary got a cold Monday night and has been sneezing and coughing nonstop. That was also the day we noticed pollen on our car for the first time this spring, so we wonder if maybe Zachary just has allergies.
Snot Bubbles
Oops! She caught me playing when I'm supposed to be at the other end of my bed asleep.
Playing in my new favorite toy

Yes, Mommy really does leave me in my pajamas all day!


ErinOrtlund said...

What a fun little boy! That snot bubble picture is hilarious!

Wendy said...

I stumbled upon your blog somehow (you commented somewhere and I clicked on it) and had a fun time reading about your little guy. HE is so cute. You are doing a great job blogging! Hope to find you again!!