Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Kingdom Toys

I thought you all might appreciate this exchange…

The Background
I’ve been trying to give Zachary a bigger Kingdom worldview. This concept came out of a talk by my pastor’s wife, Karen Hodge. The point being that there is more to life than “his” little world and certainly than “his” toys. So one way we’ve been discussing this is by calling our toys “Kingdom toys”. The only 2 things we will take with us after we die are the Word of the Lord and the souls of men. So everything, including our toys, are here to be used by everyone for these purposes. They are simply tools to further the Kingdom. They will get played with, broken, lost, stolen…and that’s fine. They’re Kingdom toys.

The Conversation
(Zachary pulls out my old gameboy and turns it on.)

Me: Zachary please put away my toy.

Zachary: Mom, this is a Kingdom toy!


Nick, Annie, Aiden, Sophie, Clip and Martin said...

I LOVE this quote! And I LOVE the idea! When our kids say "that's MINE!!!" we ask them "Now wait...WHOSE is that?!" And they know the answer...."The Lord's"
So we are working on teaching them that everything we have comes from him and nothing is just our own....but I love the idea of kingdom toys too!!!
Thanks for the encouragement! Miss you, my friend!

Angie Ochoa said...

I love this idea. I'm so weary of my 2 and 5 year olds arguing over the toys on a VERY regular basis! This would be a great thing to teach them. Especially since we are currently fostering a 1 year old little girl, AND we have home group in our home every other month!

By the way, please contact me at mrsangieochoa at yahoo dot com. You have been selected as the winner of the Jesus Storybook Bible that we were giving away on my blog: Mama Bear Gets Chatty. (The original winner has never contacted me.)