Saturday, December 6, 2008

Grammy and Dada

My parents came to visit from Dec 6 to Dec 17. It was so great to see them and for them to see Zachary, as that hadn't happened since the summer. It was fun to watch Zachary and my dad bond while snuggling, playing non-stop sports, shoveling a path through the snow for the mailman and having dance parties.

My mom found her own ways to win Zachary's heart - like making him some homemade play dough that entertained them for hours.

While my mom was here we made our traditional family favorite - Dada Bread
It's an oatmeal molasses bread that my grandfather "Dada" loved.
Zachary got to introduce my parents to the Red Robin
Here Z is saying, "Look Red Robin football!"

My mom and I took Zachary to a new library event where the Lincoln Marsh hosts a story time and craft once a month. Zachary took his usual spot at story time - right next to the teacher.

Zachary made an owl puppet
(with Mommy's help)
My parents got to see Zachary play at the gym
(a usual occurrence for this boy and his Daddy)

Then we went to a Wheaton men's basketball game.
Zachary had fun cheering them on!

Loving the Sesame Street Clubhouse my parents brought from when I was a little girl.
Mommy's little helper
"Baby Jesus"
(who was only seen momentarily when we were setting up this nativity until making His grand debut on Christmas morning)
Enjoying some story time with Elmo in his crib
More reading with Dada
Lots of love

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