Friday, October 31, 2008


We took Zachary trick-or-treating downtown Wheaton this afternoon as the stores opened their doors to pass out candy to the kids. Zachary dressed up as a "Choo Choo Man" thanks to the hand-me-down outfit from our neighbor who wore this costume last year. Zachary loves the outfit, but he does prefer to wear the hat backwards. After our fill of candy we took Zachary to Adams Park for a few pictures, where Zachary was sorely disappointed to find out that not all "parks" have playgrounds. He did enjoy throwing his new ball that one store handed out.
Then we were off for a quick stop to see cousin Lizzie, the bunny.
Next we hurried home to join up with the other kids in the neighborhood for a photo shoot. Well, we snapped a few pictures anyway. The boys were having way too much fun in their costumes!
I love this one of Dean and Will (last year's engineer) peeking out from behind the tree!
Zoe the zebra

The highlight of the evening was our last stop. We didn't get Zachary out to trick-or-treat around our neighborhood until after it was dark. Our neighbors around the corner had glow sticks! They gave one to Zachary and after lots of fun with the other kids we brought it home, turned off the lights and had a blast watching the glow stick running around the house!!


ErinOrtlund said...

Could he be any cuter? Love the costume!

Ray Ortlund said...

Beautiful children!

Angie and Wes said...

Z is getting so big!! I really miss the fact that the girls aren't getting to grow up with him! I had to take a double-take looking at Lizzie...she looks A LOT like our Charlie (but of course more feminine!) I was trying to find a picture of him to show you the resemblence, but none that I have taken look enough like her to show you. Hope y'all are well. We miss you!