Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Miss Merle

Our sweet neighbor, Miss Merle, had to leave her home today due to a house fire. The smoke filled our street along with the fire trucks. She is the only 101 year old that I know of who still mows her own grass! I had the opportunity to meet her this morning and offer my apologies and a hug. How I wish that I could have done more.
Fireman Zachary to the Rescue
What I witnessed today was a testimony to the church. Without family to care for her, Merle's church stepped up. A woman named Linda was busy making phone calls and arranging details when I got there. I overheard a woman who worked for the city ask Linda if Merle had any family and Linda replied, "The church is her family." I left wanting to help more, but knowing that Merle was in good hands.
It is a rare thing to hold a woman of that age who has just witnessed her earthly possessions vanish as she cries gently on your shoulder. I didn't get to speak with her long, but from the hope that I gleaned in her I have a feeling that even if our paths don't cross again in this life - I'll be seeing Merle again.

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