Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Happy 60th Grammy

We said goodbye to Dane at the airport on July 4 as he traveled to Notre Dame to begin a 3 week course. So Zachary and I flew to CT to spend 11 days with my family to celebrate my mother's 60th birthday on July 7. How did we celebrate?

My mom, sister and I treated ourselves to Mani Pedis!
(It was only my second pedicure - 1st was a present for my wedding day - and can I just say wow!)

We also had a birthday dinner at Chowder Pot (one of our family favorites!)
My dad and I had fun assembling this awesome porch swing that my sister got my mom for her birthday.
Zachary had so much fun with his cousins Nicole and Tommy
So did Monny...
The stand off
That's better
Zachary found quite an outlet for his love of basketball in the Pop-A-Shot!
...and in a hoop he could reach
Fun on the carousel
Watching fireworks with cousins and friends
1st Smore
First Sparkler
Tired from his favorite activity: jumping on the bed
Farewell Dinner at Rainforest Cafe

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