Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mr. 21 Months

Well, it finally happened...Zachary has learned how to say no! It started out being really cute, but now it's his automatic response. Dane and I were searching the house for something, checking every room and letting each other know where it wasn't. Then I heard Zachary's small voice saying, "In here?...no!" (with an inflection at the end of no). It was so darling. We still laugh endearingly when he says it.

Today we visited some friends with a playscape. Zachary only had to see how to get up to the big slide once before he began his slide marathon!

Please visit this link to see more pictures of Zachary from this month.


Ray Ortlund said...

What a joy.

Nikki said...

What a brave big boy! :) Where is that slide? Is that your back yard?

Eric said...

Thanks so much for the pictures, Stacey. I love seeing my little nephew!