Thursday, March 6, 2008

Da Bulls

Having grown up in the Chicago area during the late 90's, Dane is a huge fan of the Bulls. Now that we are back in Chicago I've been wanting to surprise Dane and take him to a game. Through a connection 4 times removed I was able to get FREE tickets!

2 weeks ago, to build the anticipation, I sent Dane on a scavenger hunt which led him to find these tickets. (I made them on the computer since the actual tickets were being held at the stadium for us.) Needless to say, Dane was SO excited!

Bulls vs. Cavaliers

March 6, 2008


The timing worked out perfectly as Dane's mom happened to be in town for 2 nights, including game night so that she could watch Zachary for us.

Of course, we had to swing by Ed Debevic's before the game for some burgers and milkshakes!
We were so glad that there were actually 4 tickets set aside so that Dane's sister Krista and her husband John could come with us to the game!!

Our "free" tickets turned out to be for sky box seats! It was so much fun watching Dane soak it all in.

Then our connection who works for the Bulls came in and gave us tickets for "better" seats down closer to the floor. We ended up in the 19th row close enough to get this shot of the Man-Child himself (Lebron James) shooting free throws.

One of my prouder moments happened when I won a Bulls t-shirt. They were launching shirts into the crowd and sent one my way because I was screaming louder than everyone else...I know, imagine that. I really wanted the shirt! Thanks to Dane for catching it for me, otherwise this almost 5'4" girl would have been out of luck. Here we are sporting the t-shirt and celebrating the soon-to-be victory over the Cavs.

It was a night we'll always remember!
A BIG thank you to all of the people that made this night possible!!


ErinOrtlund said...

Wow--Stacey, that is a great gift! How did you ever make those tickets on the computer--they look so real (although I guess I would be the last person to know what real Bulls tickets look like, LOL!)

How fun J and K got to come too! And Z got time with Mayme!

Hauswife said...

What a fun treat for all of you, Stacey! I bet it was a great night!

Gavin Ortlund said...

Wow sounds like a fun night! I'm jealous!