Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Naughty Corner - Attempt #1

We are finally having to think about discipline. I've avoided this for as long as possible, but today was the breaking point. Zachary had thrown his food on the floor for the last time! It's really not about the food, he is just being outright disobedient. He'll get my attention, look me in the eye, and chuck his food as if to say, "Ha! What are you going to do about it?" So...I'm doing something about it!

I've decided to try using the "naughty corner" method (see Supernanny) for cases where Zachary is being willfully disobedient.

From what I understand, the naughty corner works like this:

- child does something wrong

- you give the child a warning and explain the consequence for doing it again

- when they do it again...place them in the naughty corner for their age x 1 min., which for Zachary is 1 minute

- at the end of their time you explain to them again what they did wrong

- and then they are supposed to say, "Sorry Momma"

Well, Zachary can't say the words yet, but he can sure let you know what he thinks!