Thursday, December 13, 2007

16 Months Today

No, these are not 16 month birthday presents. Zachary is just really excited for Christmas!

What can I say about our little guy? He grows more precious by the day. Probably his favorite thing in life is to try to make you laugh. This can be achieved by making faces at you, playing peek-a-boo, acting silly, tickling you, crawling into a hamper or box and snickering in anticipation of you finding him, and an assortment of other such methods. He is also very helpful. He likes to set the table with our Tupperware, throw his dirty laundry (and some clean) into his hamper, and wipe his own mouth with a napkin. He has not said any clear words yet, but he is a very effective communicator. He shakes his head "yes" to in response to my questions to him. For example, when asked if he has a poopy diaper he will shake his head yes and then walk to his room and wait for me by the changing table. When he wants to get down he points to the ground with conviction a few times and says the still closest version to a word he has, "dow!" Oh he can definitely say da da - it's so cute! He knows that means Dane too, and he will say ma ma if he's desperate. Isn't that just the way? He still takes 2 naps a day (when we're home in the morning) for 2 hours each, so that keeps me sane. He's officially weaned now...thanks to the flu (for those of you who are interested). He's a big pasta guy, but not so keen on the meats - so we're still working on that one. I love how expressive he is! Of course he only demonstrates this when he's in a comfortable environment - i.e. he doesn't perform on command for a new audience. But he really is a ham! He gives the best looks.

Well I could go on and on doting over my beloved son, but I'll leave it least for this month. :)

Please visit this link to see more pictures of Zachary from this month.

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The Hausams said...

What a beautiful little man you have! I love love love this stage! Isn't it so much FUN? I'm sorry you had to quit nursing, Stacey. What a bummer. Evangeline is weaned now, too, thanks to a nasty bout of thrush and I MISS that precious time that was just ours to share. Love you!