Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Reformation Day!

We took advantage of the opportunity Halloween gives us to leave the comfort of our own home and go meet our neighbors. After 2 new friends stopped by with their kids to say hi (and for the candy of course), we hit the streets with Zachary. Our little Monkey was a hit around the neighborhood. We met many people we had not yet, including 2 houses worth of Wheaton College girls who loved Zachary! A typical visit consisted of Daddy ringing the doorbell and Zachary following it up by knocking on the door with one hand and clutching his bag in the other. He did very well to get out of the way when the doors opened, pick out a piece of candy (as Mommy tried to direct his hand to the kind she liked best), and put it in his bag. He was too cute!!

I'm ready to go!
No one's home??
Trick-or-treating at the Haugen's
Family fun

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