Saturday, May 19, 2007

The Cheese Stands Alone

Dane graduated on Friday from Covenant Theological Seminary with his second masters. This time he earned his ThM (Master of Theology). He was the only ThM student present, so when the graduates receiving that degree were called to stand Dane rose alone. It was an awesome sight seeing Dane be recognized for these 5 years of work and hearing the cheers from his MDiv classmates. I'm so proud of Dane!

Dinner at Kobe before graduation

He's really done!

Zachary continues to enjoy rolling under the furniture

Sporting Mayme's sunglasses at the zoo

Dip 'N Dots stick like an ice cube

Entertaining the crowd at the Atherton graduation picnic

So happy to have Mayme and Bapa here to celebrate!

My dear friend Christy

Congratulations Daddy!!

Silly boy

I am deeply grateful for CTS and its impact on our family. I will miss . . .

  • Professors who took the time to invest in us

  • Friends to watch my shows with :)

  • The Atherton Moms

  • Being able to step outside my door and know that within minutes we will be joined by numerous children

  • Our little Atherton apartment that I've grown to love

  • Walks around Gulf drive

  • Having a kiddie park so close

  • Our push button stove

  • Waking up in the middle of the night to our neighbors screaming, "How do you lose the . . . football game!"

  • Atherton picnics

  • The FREE zoo

  • Dane coming home after hearing a sermon by Zack Eswine or Dr. Chapell on loving your wife

  • Sessions with Dr. Douglass on how Dane and I can love and appreciate each other while being exact opposites on the Myers-Briggs

  • The wonderful people of Kirk of the Hills Presbyterian Church

  • One Accord Sunday School Class

  • Pam's group
I'm so thankful that Dane brought me here even when I was so resistant. These will certainly be counted as some of the best years of our lives!


ErinOrtlund said...

Great pictures! What an occasion!

Opposites on the Myers-Briggs, huh?

Let me guess:
Dane: INTJ
Stacey: ESFP

Am I right? ;)

ErinOrtlund said...

Modified to add, Eric and I test out very similarly on the Myers-Briggs. I believe we both are INFJ. This has its advantages, however, I think differences are good as one person can help the other see things from a different point of view.

The Ortlund Family said...

You guessed it exactly right Erin! intj and esfp.

ErinOrtlund said...

I bet that Mom and Dad O test out very similarly. Dad definitely seems INTJ. And I wouldn't be surprised if Mom is either ESFP or ESFJ.